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Day 7 - Fishing Fun

We skipped going to church this morning. They said the children were doing the service today and we didn't feel too enthusiastic about that. We headed out at about 9:00am and went to Anchor Point. We ate some danishes for breakfast then headed out looking for the big one! We fished all morning and half the afternoon with no luck. A few got a bite from a fish that was “junk fish”. We saw a few people catch salmon and one silverhead. But they were not as plentiful here as we hoped. We enjoyed the fun and being together. Frank had gotten the day off as well and he had not been fishing in quite a while. It got rather windy and chilly during the day and although it wasn't very sunny, we all had sunburned faces from the reflection on the water. We had a nice view of some of the Aleutian Range . You'll see Mt. Readout , which is a volcano. Later we went to a neighbor's house for dinner, then back to Sherry's to relax on our last night in Alaska . We will fly out on Monday evening, after driving back to Anchorage and checking out some spots there before we go to the airport.

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