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Day 5 - Homer

Our first full day in Homer. We started the day with a late breakfast at Sherry & Jerry's. Frank walked his giant dog Deckster and then came over to Sherry's for breakfast, since he did not have to go to work until later in the afternoon. We went riding around in Homer, visiting my sister's workplace (a real estate office) and my brother-in-law's work (the Gear Shed, selling outdoor clothing and equipment). We visited the Islands and Oceans museum and visitor's center. This was a new attraction that my sister had not even been to. It concentrated on research and preservation of the animals and land of Alaska . Then we drove out on the spit. This is a small strip of land stretching out into the Kachemak Bay for about 4 miles. It's full of boat docks and little shops catering to the fishing and tourist industry. You'll see lots of halibut, unfortunately we did not catch them! The cost of a fishing boat charter was more than we wanted to spend at this time! Also at the spit is what's called the Fishing Hole. They created an area where the water will filter into a large pond and the salmon think they are swimming into a river. So it fills with jumping salmon at high tide. It was fun to watch and we plan to go fishing there tomorrow.

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