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Day 6 - Homer

We did some more riding around in Homer in the early part of the day. We visited the Pratt Museum , which we had been to 5 years ago, but they had added a few new things. It's a very fine museum for such a small community. We purchased our fishing licenses at the Safeway that Frank works at. That afternoon we packed up the fishing gear, went by the Gear Shed for a few more items then headed to the Fishing Hole. We fished there for about 2 hours with no catch. Susan had a salmon on her line for a while, but the line broke and the fish got away with the hook, line, sinker and bobber! Later Nathan had one on his line and he worked it for quite a while. It too got away and they figured he must have had it snagged by the tail or something. It was very exciting even though we came back empty handed. It was fun to watch them jumping and not so fun to watch those who caught a fish pull it up on shore and hit the fish in the head with a rock to make it stop jumping! There was a neighborhood bonfire planned for the evening. They have these get-togethers now and then. We all took some food to put on a grill and I insisted that they must have s'mores! So Sherry made sure to have the necessary ingredients on hand and we bought some roasting forks earlier in the day. After dinner everyone was excited about making these s'mores. Some commented they had not had one since they were kids. So it was quite a treat! We had a great time then went back to Sherry's to rest up for our fishing outing the next day.

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