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Day 2 - Onward to Denali

The day began at the hotel in downtown Anchorage . After 4 hours 15 minutes we were at Denali National Park . We checked into the White Moose lodge where we stayed while in the Denali area.

We looked over the day hike possibilities, considering it was already about 2:30pm. We decided to take a hike to the Mt. Healy overlook, even though it was rated a steep climb.

We left the Visitor's Center close to 3pm and found the Taiga Trail, leading to the Mt. Healy trail. From the Visitor's center to the top of Mt. Healy we traveled about 3.5 miles. In a mile and a quarter we climbed about 1200 feet. Total elevation climb was about 1700 feet. It was a very strenuous climb but getting to the top was very rewarding. The view was good (could have been better if not for the smoky haze that had come in from some forest fires.)

The climb up took about 2 hours and 10 minutes and the hike down took 1 hour and 20 min.

We had a nice dinner and retired to our room at the lodge. A good nights sleep will help prepare us for tomorrow's full day at Denali.

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